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Features:     Light and efficient     Excellent loading capabilities     Effective guillotine cutting, 9 in     Easy installation, no additional hydraulics or hosing     Radio control option Suitable For:     Energy wood harvesting     Small wood harvesting by accumulation     Clearing of power lines, road sides and field edges Efficiency For All Purposes FARMI E230 is easy to mount to the place of loading grapple. No extra hydraulics are required. Accumulating grippers increase productivity remarkably. FARMI guillotine is light weight but is able to cut very large trees. Loading trees with the E230 is just like using a regular loading grapple. Accumulating Gripper Options High – For Tall Stems     Stable handling of tall stem groups     A narrower structure, better handling in thick forest     Opening 25.5 in     Distance between loading grapple and accumulating unit 29.52 in Wide – For Tree Bundles And Bushes     A wide accumulating grip for larger tree groups and bushes     Efficient clearing of roadsides     Opening 35.5 in     Distance between loading grapple and the accumulating unit 17 in Guillotine Strong – Maximum Cutting Power     Traditional FARMI-guillotine     A two-phase cutting: o 1. Grippers close around the tree o 2. Cutting cylinder pushes the blade through the tree     Max. cutting Ø9 in     Hydraulic valves in the guillotine     Radio control with various transmitter options     Extension boom for 5-8 ton excavator     Cejn Flat face quick couplings     Baltrotors rotators     Suitable link for rotator     Spare part package o  Basic wear and tear part package including seal kits, rubber dumper, valve connector o Wide spare part package including basic package + spare parts for valves and complete hose set
Farmi E230
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