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Features:     Quick and strong guillotine cutting Ø 9in     Weight only 441 lbs     Easy to install without any extra hoses or cables Suitable For:     Felling energy wood and small wood     Cleaning bushes, road sides and field edges     Loading of trees Electricity Free Control FARMI K240 felling head is mounted to a loading crane to the place of a loading grapple. All functions are operated with “grapple open / close” valve. It does not require extra hydraulics or any electricity. Sequence valves operate cutting and tilt function automatically. When “grapple close” function is used and pressure reaches a limit, the guillotine starts cutting. When “grapple close” function is kept pressed the pressure reaches a higher limit and the felling head goes to loading position Quick And Strong Guillotine Cutting New quick and strong cutting guillotine was designed for FARMI K240. It can cut up to 24 cm (9″ ) thick trees. Cutting time is 1,2 seconds (oil flow 70 liter / min). Guillotine grips close around the tree and press it against the cutting blade. The cutting guillotine is maintenance free. Only maintenance required is greasing the nipples. Cutting unit is on a sliding frame so strain from the cutting does not damage the felling head. Loading Trees New FARMI K240 felling head is very suitable for loading of trees. Hydraulic cylinder tilts the head to loading position. You can load and cut trees in the loading position. Cutting blade is in the back and is not in the way when loading.
Farmi K240
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